Handy Tricks in Creating a Resume That Stands Out

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4 min readSep 1, 2021

So, you’ve seen a job with pay that seems attractive and a skill requirement that fits perfectly into yours and you want to apply for it, right? Well, good for you! But there’s one thing you should know… just as you are there eyeing the job so also are several others. This is because…

Competing for tech jobs can be a hard one, so it’s essential that you set yourself up for success by submitting an impeccable resume.

Yep! Your resume plays a huge role in your standing a chance amidst the pool of other applicants. So, whether you are a software engineer, a digital marketer, or a data analyst, this article is here to provide you with a few tips and tricks that you can take advantage of when crafting your stellar resume.

1. The resume format matters

Don’t just slam two on two and add a little dose of tint because that alone won’t work. It’s not just about listing out all the works you’ve done in life; pick a tech resume format that highlights your experience and is appropriate for the job. Using a resume format that shows fort your expertise can make a tremendous difference in the hiring process. Whether you believe it or not, first impressions make a lasting impression when it comes to resumes and recruiters. Ensure the format is easy to read, appropriate in style for the job opportunity, and effectively and efficiently illustrates your experience.

2. You see that summary? Make it count!

Your resume should always include a personal summary and while you might strive for this summary to detail almost everything about you, it is most remarkable when you draft out this summary in a way that puts context around why you are applying for the specific role. What about the career objective you say? Well, that alone won’t do justice. Think of that summary as a snapshot of your professional life and how it can be beneficial to the role.

3. You want the job? Then lead with expertise!

This is not the first time I will be including this in my article but I will be saying it again. Recruiters are short on time and would most likely just glance at your resume for a few seconds before going on to the next candidate. They will scan from top to down and it is important that you take advantage of this order. Put your experience at the top section of your resume; most likely after your personal summary. In fact, you can try tweaking your resume to bring upward experience that relates more to the job you are applying for.

4. Pay attention and then tweak

Try to study things that tech recruiters or employees and looking forward to seeing. This is the part where you need to pay attention. Reach out to others who got a job and try to see how they structured their resume. There’s no one method that fits all. Nevertheless, by closely reading the job posting and seeing what the company is looking for you can better tailor your resume to stand out more. Don’t forget to also showcase your hard skills (those skills that matter for the job) and your soft skills (those skills that give more light to your hard skills examples are problem solver, excellent communicator, quick learner, etc.)

5. You did it, right? Then be proud of it!

A very critical component of your resume is your professional accomplishments. Don’t just list them out as you would regularly, list them out and back them up with a little context.

If you are sure you did it then you should be really proud of it!

If you were able to boost the load speed of a webpage, then you don’t write it out; you should also provide the numbers. If you were able to bring more visitors to a company’s webpage, then explain how you did it and provide the stats. And if it’s building software from the ground up, explain things you did, problems you encountered and solved, and other necessary detail. Nevertheless, ensure not to bore recruiters out with unnecessary detail.

Finally, be sure to include links to your professional profile. Your LinkedIn, your online portfolio, and other profiles should be added in.

Well, this is definitely not the end but certainly where today’s article will be stopping. If you found this useful, then be sure to share it with others and give a heads up. See you in the next one!



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